-  About Q2GUNFRENZY!  -

-glitter-'s Q2GUNFRENZY!-2- is the ultimate (and only) Quake2 lightgun conversion. 

Written specifically for the (or USB) PC lightgun systems in 1999, it invented a whole new game genre - the (Intelligent) First-Person Lightgun Shooter.

watch the 'Arcade 2000' mode in HD action with a Wiimote!
(powered by
WiiYourself!, my new free C++ wiimote library)

note: wiimote support isn't currently released - if you want it, leave a comment on the video site.

Lightgun-blast your way through the original game - or try the intelligent arcade-shooter experience with either 1 or 2 players.  There's even a Jon Woo-style double-gun mode - Quake2 was never like this!

"... [Q2GunFrenzy!] alone might justify getting the [Act Labs] GS.  Frenzy has become the game I play when my wife's not looking, and the game I show to everyone that comes over to visit."  (GameVortex review)

If you own Quake2 and an ACT LABS lightgun, go download it right now.  And while you're waiting for the download to finish, check out the screen SHOTS, the BACKGROUND story, or my other lightgun conversion for Half Life,
glitter's HL-GUN!- ...

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