Feb 15 2008  -  Watch GF2 in action with a Nintendo Wiimote! -

I've produced a video of GunFrenzy2 in action with a Nintendo Wiimote, to promote WiiYourself!, my new free C++ Wiimote library for Windows.

It shows the path-scrriped 'Arcade 2000' game mode with the unique smart camera - and of course wiimote support.  Check it out on the 'Shots' page.

March 01 2003  -  New 2.1 Beta Update released! -

Would you believe it, an update to GF2!  New for 2.1 Beta:

Support for ACT LABS USB lightguns!

Arcade2000 specifics:

> lowered monster health from 2x to 1x
> get an extra 50% health (up to 100% max) every new level

> camera no longer gets stuck on monsters
> load game menu no longer comes up on death

 Dec 24 1999  -  GUNFRENZY!-2- released! -

If you don't find this fun, there's something seriously wrong with you <smile>.

I give you ARCADE 2000 - 3 new game modes featuring fully automatic camera modes, including 1-player, 2-player and 1-player John Woo style!

Important changes to original GF1 game modes:

1) Skill levels now increase with every new level, up to Frenzy (to stop easy games going on forever).

2) The infantry guys are now much easier to kill.

3) Because of those changes, the highscore file format has changed - your old highscores won't load anymore.

What are you waiting for? Go get it already!

 Nov 26 1999  -  GunFrenzy 1.0a FULL / PATCH released -

 Oct 25 1999  -  GS/GunFrenzy reviews on-line -

I've put them up on the screenshots site - no, it doesn't make sense ;)  I'll probably move them across to their own page once I have time to do the necessary gfx work.

 Oct 14th 1999  -  Q2GUNFRENZY! v1.0 released  -

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